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Newsletter December `22

"Project Job Action"

An exciting year has come to an end. The first Job Action project in cooperation with the Georg von Neumayer School was successfully completed.

In the whole year, 31 young people were mentored within the framework of Job Action. The "job sites" were very diverse. Starting from mental illnesses, debts, homelessness, language barriers to school and vocational deficits, everything was in the portfolio of the participants and was brought into structures and tackled together with the young people within the framework of support planning.

Through the close network work with the job centre, the counselling centres in the district and other network partners, it was possible to tackle or even work through a number of issues for the respective participants.

Six young people were placed in employment subject to social insurance contributions. One participant attends a language school, two others were registered and are on the waiting list. One participant was transferred to needs-based community coaching and six participants will probably be taken to the follow-up project.

Throughout the year, we were able to successfully complete various sub-projects. As part of the renaturation of the school garden, an old construction trailer was renovated for the school vineyard. The school garden was "spruced up" throughout the year. The school's communication corner got new seating. We also sewed several "fatboys" for this purpose, which are very well received by the pupils.

The group made several relaxation loungers for the entire school and sports grounds. These now invite the pupils, sports clubs and other visitors to the school and sports facilities to linger. Our participants were, and can be, very proud of their work.

We would like to thank the school for the uncomplicated and successful cooperation as well as the good atmosphere.

At the moment, we are still waiting for the final approval for the new project in 2023 - but we are already looking forward to it as well as to the cooperation with the Donnersberg Forestry Office.

We would also like to thank the Donnersberg District Job Centre and all other network partners for the good cooperation.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a good start in the New Year!

 ...stay healthy!!!

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Newsletter November `22

"Project Job Action"

Currently, 13 young people are participating in the project. 

The year is drawing to a close. So is the completion of the last relaxation loungers. The planning for the placement in the schoolyard has been started so that the loungers can be handed over to the school before the end of the year.

On the part of the socio-pedagogical support, the final talks with all participants are prepared and carried out, the last open building sites are discussed and goals for the new year are set. Since this is always very time-consuming, the first talks are already underway. The case manager of the Job Centre will also be in the house again for some talks in December. 

On 30 November 2022, we took part in the Donnersberger Chancentreff in Rockenhausen to present our current and new project 2023.

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Newsletter October `22

"Project Job Action"

Currently, 13 young people are participating in the project. There are urgently two new places to be filled.  

More recliners are in the making....
The feet are made of metal and the supports of wood. The wood is first cut to size, then planed, and finally sanded and varnished. 

The completion of the communication corner is currently stalled due to the change of teachers. But we will surely finish this sub-project as well by the end of the year. 

After the training on the topic of saving energy, the participants came up with the idea of making a sustainable kitchen roll, which was of course taken up and is currently being implemented by the participants as part of sustainability. The production of slip covers is also currently being tackled. 
We were present on 30.09.2022 at the career information fair in Eisenberg with a small group of participants. The fair was very informative and there was something for all interests. Many good contacts were made and one participant with a migration background was directly offered two internships. 

There was also another educational trip to the fabric market. 

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Newsletter September `22

"Project Job Action"

Currently, 11 young people are participating in the project. The summer holidays have come to an end and everyone has gradually returned from their holidays safe and sound. 

Just in time for the grape harvest and the beginning of autumn, our construction trailer was handed over to the school on 21.09.2022 in an official event in the vineyard in Zell (Zellertal). Our young people were present at the handover. They can be really proud of what has been created. 

The other sub-project is taking shape and the first of eight relaxation loungers has been completed. It was handed over to the school for the outdoor area. This means that all pupils, as well as all clubs and users of the school's outdoor area have the opportunity to use the loungers to relax. More loungers are in the works.

The completion of the communication corner in the school is also in progress. The school is still getting curtains for it. ...there was a change of SV teachers, maybe more new ideas for the communication corner will emerge. The Fatboys are in daily use. 

A first educational trip to the fabric shop has taken place. The training sessions in September focused on the topic of exercise and, due to current events, on the topic of saving energy costs. 

In anticipation of the autumn and cold winter, the young people are sewing slip covers that can be used for training and in the sewing workshop. 

On 30.09.2022, a job fair will take place in Eisenberg. We will be there!!! 

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Newsletter August `22

"Project Job Action"

There is currently not so much to report in August. It's the vacation season, and we're enjoying the wonderful summer weather.  

Currently, 12 young people are participating in the project. We are feeling the summer slump a bit L.

School is on vacation and it's vacation time for us. The current sub-project "Designing a communication corner" will be completed after the summer vacations.

Another sub-project "Relaxing couches" is currently being worked on in our workshop and the first steps towards a relaxing couch can be seen. The feet are being made in the metal workshop and the supports in the wood workshop.

Training courses and factory visits are not scheduled until after the summer vacations.

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