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Newsletter May `22

"Project Job Action"

 Currently, 12 young people are participating in the project. In May, two participants took up full-time employment subject to social insurance contributions.

Bauwagen aussenIn the meantime, our material has arrived and the "construction trailer" project is coming to an end. The wagon has received a new coat of paint and a new roof. Currently, our participants are working on the interior. The wagon will be completely covered with wood and will receive seat cushions and curtains from our sewing shop.Bauwagen innen

 The sub-project "Designing a communication corner" is also being worked on. There was another on-site appointment at the school. The communication corner will initially receive several beanbags and curtains. Our participants went shopping for fabrics as part of a teaching trip and are currently cutting the beanbags to size.

 The socio-educational support team held many individual discussions in May. For one participant, there was also a joint round table with the employment agency. The Job Centre also visited us several times in the context of case management. This enables a close, good exchange between all participants and is a very important and valuable appointment for the young people.

 The weekly training sessions in May focused on the following topics:

Nutrition and household management, dealing with digital media and job exchange use, writing job applications, group work on financial living.

 Our weekly language course for all participants with a migration background is still running and there was a company tour of the Schramm workshops. An important employer for us to acquire training and internship places.

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