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Newsletter December `23

"Job Action Project"

An eventful and exciting year has come to an end.

In December, the number of participants remained at ten. Throughout the year, we supported 24 young people in the Job Action programme. Four young people were placed in an apprenticeship and three participants were placed in employment subject to social insurance contributions. Four participants have started a language or integration course and five young people are being taken on to the follow-up project.


The "Job Action" project in cooperation with the Donnersberg forestry office was divided into two sub-projects. The first sub-project "Repair, restructuring and upgrading of the adventure playground" was completed in August. September saw the start of the second sub-project "Repair and family-friendly upgrading of the forest action trail in Dannenfels". The signposting for the hiking trails was completed and installed. The hiking trail is now adorned with a little squirrel that shows visitors the way. 

A great deal was achieved together with the young people throughout the year and they can be very proud of themselves.


We will start the 2024 project in the new year - we are already looking forward to it and to working with the Celtic village on the Donnersberg.

The socio-educational counsellors worked with the participants on many individual problems, which were tackled together as part of the support planning.  These included mental and physical illnesses, debts, language barriers and everyday and social skills.

We would like to thank the Donnersberg forestry office and the local community of Dannenfels for the uncomplicated and successful cooperation and the good working relationship. 
We would also like to thank the Donnersbergkreis job centre and all other network partners for their excellent cooperation.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a good start to the New Year!

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"Adventure playground"

"Forest adventure trail"


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Newsletter November `23

"Job Action Project"

In November, the number of participants in our project was ten young people, so five places are still vacant.

The participants continued to work diligently on the measure. For example, the balance beam was built and installed for the implementation of the "Forest Adventure Trail Subproject".

Preparations were made for the longest bench on the Donnersberg and the bench was cut to size.

Determining the individual stations in the forest was a task and the plans for the signposts and the display board were finalised. The display cases were equipped with laminated game instructions.

Together, we attended the 2nd employment summit in Rockenhausen on 24 November 2023, initiated by the Donnersberg district administration.

The participants took the opportunity to exchange ideas with various companies in the region and gather information. A possible internship for a participant in the new year was already discussed.

As part of the socio-pedagogical support, many individual case interviews took place again this month. This also included support with job searches and application processes.

One project participant was successfully placed in an internship.

Picture gallery

Preparations for the longest bench in the Donnersberg .....

.... and structure of the balancing beam


Visit to the 2nd Employment Summit in Rockenhausen

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Newsletter October `23

"Job Action" project

In October, the number of participants was eight young people, so there are seven vacant places.One participant left due to taking up a job, one participant left due to taking up an integration language course, one participant left due to health problems and one participant left due to lack of cooperation.

Work on the forest adventure trail has begun with the first maintenance measures along the trail and the first paths and squares have been cut free with the brush cutter.

In the wood workshop, the participants made display boxes. These will later serve as game instructions, which will be set up along the trail. The games can then be implemented directly on site with natural materials from the forest. One of the tasks for the showcases was to cut and paint the wood. The next task was to cut and deburr the Plexiglas panes to fit exactly. The boxes were then put together.

One participant has written and designed the game instructions for the showcases on the PC. These are laminated and made available to the visitors in the showcase.

Furthermore, the team installed the missing roof on the slide at the adventure playground.

On the part of the socio-educational support, talks were held with the job centre and support plan talks were held on a case-by-case basis. In addition, further individual application folders were worked on with the participants, they cooperated with selected internship companies and the young people were accompanied during the internship.

Picture gallery

The work on the Forest adventure trail has begun .....

..... and the slide at the adventure playground has received its new roof. 


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Newsletter September `23

"Job Action" project

In September, the number of participants was thirteen young people, so there are 2 Places vacant. Four participants leave the project. A participant because of Admission to integration language course, one participant due to taking up work.

After the holiday season, everyone came back in a good mood and relaxed. Starting with new forces now the sub-project "Forest Adventure Trail". At the beginning, we started the forest adventure trail with the participants and "examined" the different stations together and tried it out. In this context, initial ideas were collected as to which stations need to be renewed and how the forest adventure trail can be revalued.

Since we welcomed some new participants in September, a lot has been done in the workshop. Here, the young people learned how to use tools and the processing of the wood, all the others were able to share their knowledge in this unit deepen and consolidate.

The training sessions also started again in September, here everything was under the motto "Autumn".

So on 14.9.2023 we went on a hike through the Donnersberg Forest and visited on 21.9.23 as part of the teaching unit "Autumn" the garden show in Kaiserslautern. On the Kaiserberg in the Weidenkirche we designed a Lesson "Our Forest". Among other things, the composition of the tree species in our forests, the impact of climate change and the change in the forest in autumn. In another teaching unit on 28.09.2023, these Topics are deepened and more closely related to arborology and the inhabitants of the forest received.

On 29.09.2023 we visited the Vocational training fair in Eisenberg.

Picture gallery

.....First impressions of the forest adventure trail .....

...... there was much to discover .....

..... Joint hike to the Königsstuhl, past the Celtic Wall ....


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Newsletter August `23

"Job Action" project

In August, the number of participants was nine young people, so six places are vacant. One participant completed the measure by taking up training.

On 06.07.2023 and 20.07.2023, information events were held at the Job Centre of the Donnersberg District. 
Donnersberg district job centre. These served to present and introduce the project and to acquire participants. 
the acquisition of participants.

It's holiday time for us and everything is a bit quieter. In the sub-project "Maintenance, 
renovation, restructuring and upgrading of the adventure playground". 
continued to work diligently. The slide got its fall protection and was filled with sand. 
filled in.

As part of the historic village market in Dannenfels, the adventure playground was opened on 
26.08.2023 and 27.08.2023. Here we presented ourselves and the project.

A tour of the Celtic village in Steinbach took place on 28.08.2023.

After the holiday period, the sub-project "Forest Adventure Trail" will be started.

On the part of the socio-educational support, talks were held with the job centre and 
individual case-related support plan discussions took place. In addition, further individual application 
individual application folders were worked on with the participants.

Further company visits and training courses are not scheduled until after the summer holidays. 
on the programme.

Picture gallery

...... working at the adventure playground .......

.... Final Spurt ....

and presentation at the historic village market in Dannenfels


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